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The Lowden Law Firm is committed to providing our existing and new clients with competent legal representation at a fair and reasonable cost. Competent legal representation at this firm means providing our clients with well researched legal opinions in conjunction with applying the firm’s experience in handling numerous cases in both state and federal courts to provide well balanced representation that is technically proficient while at the same time applies simple common sense to the issues faced by our clients.

Since the firm's originiation in June 2002, The Lowden Law Firm has remained committed to providing competent legal representation at a fair and reasonable cost. The firm has implemented technological advances that allow us to communicate with our clients on a real time basis using electronic data processing. This has provided instant access to critical information about events that occur throughout the litigation process and allows our clients the needed time to analyze the information, weigh the options and then make an informed decision that were often delayed by the old ways law firms communicated with their clients. This has decreased the costs and expenses to our clients and provides focused representation which decreases the amount of attorney fees per file.
As a result of a changing economy and to meet the needs of our clients, The Lowden Law Firm offers a variety of options to our clients regarding compensation for work performed by the firm. Not every case is an hourly case and there are times when the cost of litigation outweighs the value of the case itself. The Lowden Law Firm reviews every type of case with its client in setting the fees associated with the representation which allows the case to move forward at a reasonable and fair cost. This includes taking cases on a contingency basis, flat fee basis or on an hourly rate. The Lowden Law Firm also follows very strict billing guidelines to insure that the client is not unnecessarily billed for duplicate work or unnecessary time. The firm employs highly qualified employees that can perform standard tasks at a lesser charge for the client. The Lowden Law Firm is committed to working with our clients on meeting their needs for competent legal representation while also meeting the changing dynamics of the financial limitations for our clients whether in the insurance industry or corporation.